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Collecting effective data to demonstrate impact and outcomes.

Reimagining the range and nature of learning experiences provides Life Education Victoria with opportunities to gather richer data that demonstrate impact.

LEV has developed 'impact targets' that drives the data we collect as a way to build a strong evidence-based for our programs.

For example, rather than surveying students on how much they enjoyed the session or what they've learnt, we capture multimodal evidence of change-making artefacts students create, projects they participate in, goals they set to effect change etc.

Reimagining learning programs has opened up new ways of collecting data from both teachers and students. 


In 2019, we conducted a 12 month research and evidence evaluation with Clear Horizon, an independant research company.
This culminated in an extensive review of our processes and delivery of our education services.
We are now in the process of embedding these learnings into our program delivery.


We introduced student exit questions to help inform us of the students likely behaviour style post our sessions.
We also follow this up 6 weeks later to compare outcomes.


We continue to promote student voice and student agency.
Here are the students working collaboratively together, reflecting on the key messages from one of our important relationship programs - Growing Good Friends.

For over 12 continuous years, we appreciate the funding provided by The Victorian Government of Department of Education and Training.

About our Evidence Model

Using an action research methodology to investigate the impact of student feedback on teacher practices in our programs provides effective evidence of the impact our program learning experience has on the children's learning and life behaviour change.

By introducing a sustainable ongoing, collaborative feedback model that is used regularly, we are guided in reflecting on the data and identifying areas for improvement.

Results supported by student feedback are a valuable improvement tool and a powerful stimulus for evidence of our impact.

Student feedback informs our facilitators and the wider community of the effectiveness of our practice and identified areas for future professional learning.

Additionally, it opens up a dialogue around teaching and learning practices and gives an insight into the unique challenges experienced by their students.