COVID-19 Update

Important message from the CEO, Andrew Bennetto

COVID-19 Safe Plan 

Latest Update: 23rd June - Healthy Harold is moving to In-Classroom Delivery for Term 3

To protect schools, communities and our educator team, all Healthy Harold bookings in Term 3 will be converted to In-Classroom. 

Consequently, we will not be visiting any schools with our traditional mobile learning classroom to reduce potential risks and comply with all guidelines and recommendations surrounding COVID-19.

Our specialist facilitator will now deliver each module in a predetermined space within a school. 

See our COVID-19 Safe Plan >>

COVID-19 Safe Plan

Extra precautions taken to create a safer delivery environment

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Update: 18th May - New Online Resources Released

 I’m pleased to say that we are now releasing online resources from this week onwards.

To meet the needs of online or at-home learners, we have adapted three of our most popular modules in a new virtual offering - these modules are My Body Matter (Foundation- Level 2), bcyberwise (Levels 3 and 4) and Decisions (Levels 5 and 6). Each module is designed to run over 3 weeks. Thanks for all our supporters who have contributed funds to support the development of these critical resources.

Schools are now able to request access here.


Updated - 1st April 2020 - Online and Home Resource Development

Our schools are asking for help in home learning and online resources.
As a result, my team are working at breakneck speed to come up with new ways of delivery of our key messages and learning experiences. My education manager Stephanie Pearce is working closely with the Department of Education and our wider national team to produce new online material for schools and home usage.
We will keep you apprised of our development and progress.

Updated - March 20 2020 - Immediate Health and Wellbeing Actions being taken in Schools

I want to reassure you of the significant actions that we are taking - informed by the relevant authorities - to ensure your upcoming visit is as safe and effective as possible.

We continue to actively and regularly communicate with our Healthy Harold educators, who are taking several proactive measures to minimise any safety risk. 

Some of the extra precautions our team is taking include:

  • During sessions our team will use sanitising agents needed if students appear to be unwell.
  • We will encourage minimal body contact and activities which promote students being in close proximity.
  • In between sessions, we will open all doors and wipe all surfaces that were touched or handled by students including all door handles and railings. 
  • Some sessions may need to be delayed for a few minutes to ensure this is done properly.
  • At the end of every work day all vans will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This will include spraying the air with disinfectant spray; wiping down of all surfaces with disinfectant wipes or surfaces wiped down after spraying with a surface spray; all air conditioners will be disinfected and vacuumed; all floors will be vacuumed.
  • Our educators will wash their hands frequently with soap and water and use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser, before and after each session.
  • None of our staff will be participating in any face-to-face professional learning for the foreseeable future.
  • Offering direct delivery for all modules. If you wish to choose direct delivery please email 

We are adhering to the Department of Health and Education Guidelines and monitoring updates regularly throughout the day

To amplify our proactive measures, we are placing the following posters in all our mobile learning classrooms. This will be a key reminder to all teachers, educators and students of the action that we are taking to protect the safety of all.

Healthy Harold's Hygiene Habits

Healthy Harold's Hygiene Habits

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