Healthy Harolds'
Get Active
School Challenge

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The Healthy Harolds' Get Active Challenge is aimed at schools to get students and the community moving! 

SIGN UP - as individuals or teams (eg as a classroom or as a school) and get active.

MISSION - Contribute to Harold's goal by completing 100,000 steps as a school or class.

COMPETE - Use a fitbit or any step counter to help get to your schools goal. Each team member can upload their steps onto the website to build your total team activity. You can also compete against other classess or schools by checking out the leadboard.

COMPLETE MISSION - If your school/class reaches their goal, your school will recieve one of two impactful programs: Healthy Harold Heroes (valued at $5,000) or 'Talk About It' - Sexual Health (valued at $2,00)

Happy Stepping!

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