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Life Education Victoria has been developing life smart kids by giving them the smarts to deal with the hard stuff for over 40 years.

Working with Life Education Victoria is to be able to make the Life Education program a memorable and impactful learning experience for students and teachers either in the classroom or in the unique mobile learning classroom. Our goal is to ensure all students experience Healthy Harold and build their knowledge and confidence to carry these skills into their life-long journey. 

About Life Education Victoria

Life Education Victoria is Victoria's largest not-for-profit provider of health education to children. We visit over 150,000 children annually both in classrooms and in our mobile classrooms and 710,000 nationally. We are better known for Healthy Harold and over 7 million Australians have experienced our program over the last 41 years.

Our mission is to empower children to live a safe and healthy life through education. By placing preventive education at the core of our work we want to instil in children the confidence to make safer and healthier choices now and in the future.

The Life Education programs support children's learning and development towards a healthy lifestyle, through an engaging delivery that is play-based, experiential and interactive. Our mascot, Healthy Harold adds a sense of fun and a memory hook for the outcomes being taught.

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