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Would you like to make a difference in the lives of generations of young people?

There are so many challenges facing our children today.
Drugs, alcohol, bullying and cyber safety are just some of the dangers that our young people have to navigate in an ever-changing world.
It’s vital that children aren’t left to make these decisions alone.

Healthy Harold Bequests

You can change a life

Life Education Victoria is a charity dedicated to helping children make choices to avoid harm, and lead long, fulfilling lives.

More than 7 million Australians have benefited from our health education program over the past four decades.

Many of them tell us that our work has influenced their choices in life – empowering them to be safe and healthy.

As a result, our mascot Healthy Harold the giraffe, has become a positive influence in the lives of millions of Aussie kids. But all this education comes at a cost.

The good news is that you can help without affecting your current financial situation.

Leaving a gift in Your Will won’t affect you lifestyle but it will create a legacy that will benefit future generations of children. It’s a powerful way that you can make an impact, after providing for your family.

Life Education is Victoria largest charity in the area of health and drug education to children. Each year, more than 150,000 Victoria children participate in our program, but we have so much more work to do.

We want all children to be supported to live a safe and healthy life, and so your help is vital to ensure our program is here to help Victorian children well into the future.

Your commitment of future support to our organisation is a wonderful and precious gift.

Because of that, we would love to know of your intended gift so that we can thank you for your intention. However if you would prefer to remain anonymous then that’s fine also. Every gift no matter how large or small will make a difference in a child’s life. Please join us in making sure that this vital program is here to help generations of Victorian children – long into the future.



Early Years Project - Increasing our impact with children aged 3-5.

The right support before the age of five is critical; any gaps at this age will only widen as time goes on. Children who qualify for free school meals arrive at primary school four months behind their peers; by the time they leave secondary school that attainment gap is 18 months.

That’s why we back projects that target early years education, including helping parents provide an emotionally safe, cognitive-stimulating environment at home to support early childhood development and have a positive impact on future academic success.

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Children at Risk Project - Helping those children most vulnerable.

Exclusion from school leaves young people vulnerable. Research suggests formal school exclusions are higher among those who most need the support of an inclusive, mainstream learning ecosystem. Young people often feel excluded in other ways in our constantly changing world, with mental ill health, isolation and loneliness on the rise.

We want to strengthen inclusion by creating a system that is responsive to the needs of all children to give them the support their need to thrive in the world and shape a better future.

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Building Leaders and Changemakers Project - developing long term sustainability

Teachers and school leaders are often the agents of change our learning ecosystem so urgently needs. Yet teachers are leaving the profession in increasing numbers, recruitment targets are routinely missed and many that stay say they feel demoralised, under-valued and over-worked.

We’re working to understand the culture, leadership and environment that will empower teachers to be agents of positive change and deliver a broader education that allows all young people to thrive.

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Bring on more smiles to childrens' faces.

Life Education Victoria are in need of new and updated Harold suit.
This mascot is so crucial to have in each community.
This fun, loveable mascot brings much joy to everyone he meets. 

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