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We have plenty of opportunities to help our cause.
Whether it is for tow truck drivers, assisting at events, or others,
it’s a great way to experience and contribute meaningfully.

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Mitch has a huge heart  - Volunteer


Mitch has had a huge heart and is one of the most genuinley compassionate people you'll ever meet.

He has been a volunteer for 7 years now and still has the enthusiasm he had since day one.

Mitch says "I get smiles every time I do it. When I'm inside the suit I'm just grinning all the time. It's so much fun. You get to watch these kids faces light up. Kids from the age of 5 through to teenagers" 

We have plenty of activations during the year - either at schools, family days and more - so many opportunities to help.

Listen to Mitch's full interview below

About Helen - Volunteer
Chair Gippsland 

Helen has been a huge contributor to Life Education Gippsland for over 20 years.

Helen truly believes in the power of the local community and the need for schools to receive much needed education in drugs and health wellbeing.

Helen says, "It's so critical in a region like Gippsland where we have one of the largest areas for disadvantaged school kids. More kids need to experience Healthy Harold"

We are always on the outlook for local people in Gippsland to help out our committee.

Current Opportunities 

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