Pricing Guide
Effective 2021

Introducing the new Healthy Harold
blended in-classroom program for 2021.

We have adapted for 2021 for your safety. 

Check out the comparison in what you will receive.

It’s been a tough year for schools and teachers, with COVID-19 presenting big challenges for those of us dedicated to creating meaningful learning experiences.

Like you, Life Education Victoria has been busy adapting our programs to the new environment for health and safety reasons.

That’s why Healthy Harold is packing his suitcase, stepping out of the van and coming to your classroom instead, in our new blended in-classroom model.

The new in-classroom blended program will be easier and give you more opportunity to embed our key social impact messages over a longer time frame to enable real behavioural change.

"Our creative educators are now able to use space which was unthinkable in the van. More games, work groups and physical activities are now possible!" says Gayle Williams - Leader of Versatile Education (LOVE)

Pricing Guide Effective 2021.

New blended
in-classroom program

$15.50 per student

 Specialist Program Facilitator

 All modules available

 Iconic Healthy Harold 

 COVID-safe delivery

 Blended learning: in-person + online

 Access to 7 Online Learning Resources 

 Access to Parent Information Webinars

 Access to Harold's Get Active Challenge

 Virtual Check-in post visit 

 Broader physical participation

 Caters for students with additional needs

Mobile Learning

$16.50 per student

 Specialist program facilitator

 All Modules available 

 Iconic Healthy Harold

'Talk About It'
Sexual Health

Price Per Module - $18 (1), $30 (2)
$36 (3), $40 (4) per student

 Seven age appropriate modules available for years 5 & 6


 Healthy Relationships 


 Reproduction *Grade 6 only

Healthy Harold

Ask about our
Partnership Program

 12 week deep immersion program
      (1 hour per week)

 Partnership Model

 Student Campaign and owned


$245 per session
Max. of 25 students

 Play-based, interactive learning experiences 

 Age-appropriate life skills

 Led by specialist teachers

 Aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework

Terms and Conditions effective 2021.

Minimum Session Price

$260 for In-classroom Blended Learning Program
$280 for Mobile Learning Classroom Program

Deposit Policy

Your school will be issued a 25% non-refundable deposit invoice upon allocation of booking dates. The balance of the invoice will be issued upon completion of the program.

Replacement Program Policy

In the event that a Mobile Learning Centre Program cannot be delivered safely we reserve the right to replace it with an equivalent Blended In-Classroom Learning Program.

Credit Policy

If your booking cannot proceed due to external significant circumstances (i.e epidemic/pandemic), the deposit invoice will be credited to your school account and to be applied on your next booking. The expiry date for this credit is 24 months from the date your booking has been postponed.

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation fee of $350 per booked day applies where a booking, or part thereof, is cancelled within 10 weeks of the booking date. The remaining balance of the deposit invoice will be credited to the school account and be applied to the next booking. The expiry date for this credit is 24 months from the date the booking was cancelled.