Online and Home Learning Project

Be part of our new initiative to help students and teachers in the era of COVID-19.

As a result of your generous support, Online Learning Resources are NOW available from May 2020.

Practical, Victorian Curriculum-aligned, time saving NEW online resources to help teachers in the classroom and with their students at home.

Due to the amazing support we have received from our supporters to help us develop new online resources, we have been able to launch our new Online Learning Platform.

These valuable resources are dedicated to equipping teachers and parents to support children’s health and wellbeing, as well as tools to support teachers and parents in the months ahead - in the classroom or at home.  

Schools are now able to request access here.

Your on-going support is still greatly appreciated as this is just the beginning of our Online Learning development journey. 

Children are currently facing some of their biggest challenges.
They need us more than ever.

Schools have contacted us asking for help to provide online and home learning.

We are working with the The Department of Education Victoria to explore new ways of providing valuable health and wellbeing learning whilst schools are either closed or Life Education is "locked out" of schools.

We have taken immediate action and commenced investigation and development of alternate delivery methods - such as direct delivery, online and home learning models.

There is some very exciting work going on and we expect to continue this development and take advantage of this unique opportunity we have right now. We do expect to help schools in alternative ways through 2020.

Help us meet these needs at this unprecedented time.

Over 70% of our income is derived from schools.

It is highly likely that we will not be in a position to visit schools for an extended period of time. As a result, Life Education Victoria, like other businesses and charities needs ongoing support.

You can help by simpling donating to the cause or started a crowd fundraiser (see below)

Support the Online and Home Learning Project 

Home Learning

Ensure that Life Education Victoria can still deliver impactful programs to children across Victoria in their own homes.
Our team is working at breakneck pace to make this happen.

School Online Learning

Instead of delivering our programs in the mobile learning classrooms, we are developing online learning resources for teachers.
This will support the classroom teacher & we will provide professional development and other services. 

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