Preschool Programs 

Interactive Play-based Learning

We have developed Little Life Smart Kids using a series of three play-based incursions relating to health, safety and building relationships.

It's so important to embed healthy habits in children from an early age. Research shows the impact of play-based learning can improve language and social connections and extends into other areas of development too.

High-quality play-based learning can:

  • strengthen neural pathways associated with learning
  • enhance well-being
  • improve memory and organisational abilities
  • teach children self-regulation and problem-solving skills
  • encourage creativity and critical thinking

Preschool Modules


Harold's Summer Holiday

This module follows Harold on a Summer Holiday where children can explore the importance of road safety, sun safety, water safety and safety around medicines. With its key theme of Being Safe children are guided to make informed choices and gain responsibility and knowledge about safety in their own environments.

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Harold's Healthy Play Day

This module follows Harold during the day giving children the opportunity to explore the importance of healthy food and drinks, physical activity, hygiene and rest in their everyday lives. With its key theme of Becoming Healthy this module reinforces healthy lifestyle concepts that empower children to make healthy choices and take responsibility for their own personal health and hygiene.

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Harold's Thankful Heart

In this module, Harold helps children explore the concepts of gratitude and thankfulness through everyday experiences such as sharing a swing with a friend, caring for a lonely friend and asking others for help. With its key theme of Belonging and Connecting this module helps children learn about accepting others, showing gratitude to each other and fostering positive relationships.

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